When there is a need to remove, repair or build a new roof and the building beneath is exposed to the elements, it is a matter of urgency to protect that building and its contents and inhabitants. In such cases, where scaffolding is in place, we have temporary roofing solutions to help keep the elements at bay.

Don’t let weather disrupt your schedule

As the leading supplier of scaffolding solutions in West London and Surrey, PC Scaffolding Limited are aware of the importance of temporary roofing some projects.

Contact us soon to discuss your temporary roofing project with an experienced scaffolder who will recommend the best option for your temporary roofing needs.

Don’t make life easy for intruders and vandals

Scaffolding makes it easy for builders and construction workers to access those parts of the building that they need to get to. Unfortunately, when the site is unmanned it makes it easy for less welcome guests to gain access as well.

Scaffolding alarms can put a stop to that!

With our state of the art scaffold alarms we can help prevent unauthorised access being gained via scaffolding on your site. Any intruder entering the protected zone will set off an alarm that can be connected to a remote monitoring service.